Project Foreword

Documenting the business requirements and application design is a critical step in establishing sound communication between the business and the development. While business and development teams vary greatly in terms of conception and methodology, documentation helps both teams to build a common understanding on the key concepts and procedures in the specific business domain (i.e. domain-driven design), and facilitates direct communication and prompt feedback. A final document enables management to add or change developers to the project without adversely encroaching on the business requirements.

This project adopts a combination of Rational Unified Process (RUP) and agile approach. Emphasis on centralized analysis and design avoid parochial view of the application which might cause signification rework in the later development. With the design in mind, the project is divided into multiple development phase. Each phase is driven by specific user stories and embrace common agile practice, such as emphasis on testing and control over project complexities.

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