NUTS Finance - Issuance

Use Case Description

The system allows sellers to create new issuances of selected financial instruments, using the financial instruments implemented by FSPs as an initial instrument template.


  • Seller, creator of a specific financial instrument issuance. For example, a seller can create a unique instance of a loan instrument underwritten by Financial Service Provider;

  • Buyer, engager of the financial instrument issuance created by the Sellers. For instance, a buyer can engage a specific loan instance created by the seller;


  • Financial Service Providers have created selected financial instruments using the NUTS Technology Platform;

Process Flow

Open Questions

  1. How does the seller select the financial instruments?

    1. How to select: Off-chain first

    2. Condition: FSP sets eligible sellers --> API in financial instrument - white list/black list/...

  2. How does the buyer search the financial issuance?

    1. How to search: Off-chain first

    2. Condition: Sellers have right to set the eligible buyers

  3. How will the seller and buyer interacts with the issuance?

    1. Interactions are done in the NUTS platform directly

  4. OTC

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