Architecture Overview

There are three actors in NUTS Platform:

  • Financial Service Providers (FSPs), who are the underwriters of financial instruments. Usually Underwriters of specialized financial instruments or Blockchain Foundation;

  • Maker, who is creator of a specific financial instrument issuance. For example, a maker can create a unique instance of a loan instrument underwritten by FSP;

  • Taker, who is engager of the financial instrument issuance created by the maker. For instance, a taker can engage a specific loan instance created by the maker.

NUTS Platform allows FSPs to easily create and activate new financial instruments and deactivate existing financial instruments in a trustless and transparent fashion.

Once a new financial instrument is activated, NUTS Platform allows makers to create new issuance of selected financial instrument, using the financial instruments implemented by FSP as an initial instrument template. NUTS Platform also allows takers to engage the issuances created by makers.

The following sections provides an overview of NUTS Platform's architecture design.

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