Deposit Escrow

Deposit Escrow is a special escrow for NUTS token only. It holds NUTS token that is:

  • Deposited by FSPs in activating new financial instruments;

  • Deposited by makers in creating new issuance.

Deposit Escrow is identical to Instrument Escrow except that:

  • The owner is Instrument Registry instead of Instrument Manager;

  • The account is Instrument Managers instead of any account.

Deposit Token for New Instruments

When FSPs activate new financial instruments, the following steps are included:

  1. FSP creates an allowance for Instrument Registry;

  2. Instrument Registry invokes Instrument Manager Factory to create new Instrument Manager;

  3. Instrument Registry transfers NUTS tokens from FSP, and then deposits into Deposit Escrow under new Instrument Manager's account.

Deposit Token for New Issuance

When makers create new issuance, the following steps are included:

  1. The NUTS token should be deposited into Instrument Escrow already;

  2. Instrument Manager withdraws the NUTS token and then stores it into Deposit Escrow;

Return Token

When a financial instrument is deactivated or an issuance is terminated, Instrument Managers retrieves the NUTS tokens from the Deposit Escrow and transfers it to FSP/maker.

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