Customization and Compatibility

Existing DeFi protocols are open and accessible; yet building new financial applications on top of native protocols can have its limitations in terms of functional and operational model design.

Take decentralized lending protocols for example, comprised of modules such as: asset custody, price feed, margin calls trigger, margin call liquidity and interest rates determination.

Applications that are running on top of decentralized lending protocols are limited to the original settings of the protocol:

  • Example 1: Compound protocol facilitates a many-to-smart contract transaction model; applications running on top of the protocol cannot support a peer-to-peer or peer-to-intermediary model

  • Example 2: MakerDAO cannot support an application where loans are originated at a collateralization ratio of less than 150%

The motivation in designing a technology framework compatible with functional customization and flexible operational model is to allow financial service providers to integrate blockchain attributes (full or partial) to any components of their financial applications.

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