Financial Instruments Supported

The NUTS Finance platform is a decentralized technology platform capable of supporting issuances of financial instruments characterized by the following attributes:

  • Exchange frequency of instrument is non-latency sensitive

  • Instruments possess a natural status lifecycle (delinquent, defaulted, liquidated, etc.)

  • Instrument transacts in a peer-to-peer/peer-to-intermediary/peer-to-smart contract, off-exchange and non-atomic format

In the context of this document, these financial instruments are referred to as non-standardized financial instruments. Instruments that fall under this category includes lending and borrowing, swaps and various forms of promissory notes.

At the initial phase, the NUTS Finance platform will support the following ERC-20 based financial instruments: (i) Crypto lending contracts (ii) Crypto borrowing contracts (iii) Crypto swap contracts (iv) Crypto savings contracts.

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